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Supporting Your Families with Rare Epilepsy VIP Siblings

Resources for Patient Organisations

The VIP Sibling Project offers a variety of free online materials, many downloadable, to inform and support parents & caregivers of rare epilepsy VIP siblings.

Supporting Rare Epilepsy VIP Siblings - A Guide for Parents & Caregivers

Parents & Caregivers Guide

Educates parents and caregivers on the impact of a rare epilepsy on siblings, shares learnings from the Sibling Voices Survey, and offers ideas to deepen communications with VIP siblings.

VIP Sibling Love Notes

Love Notes

Helps parents and caregivers show appreciation and love to their children without a rare epilepsy. It’s easy to drop an encouraging note into a lunch box or book bag to brighten your child’s day.

VIP Sibling Living With Rare Epilepsy Form

My Family Is Living with a Rare Epilepsy Form

Intended for teachers or other key persons in your VIP sibling’s support circle, this form explains the impacts of living with a rare epilepsy on your child, and how the recipient can offer support and encouragement.

VIP Sibling Seizure Plan Form

VIP Sibling Seizure Plan Form Add to Default shortcuts

It’s important to figure out what role works best for your VIP sibling to make sure they’re comfortable during a medical emergency. Use this form to guide those conversations and make a plan that’s right for your child.

VIP Sibling Coloring Journal (Ages 4-10)

Coloring Journal (Ages 4-10) Add to Default shortcuts

Pull out this journal whenever you feel the urge to draw, write, or doodle your thoughts.

VIP Sibling Journal (Ages 11-18)

Journal (Ages 11-18)

Positive messaging and thought-provoking, age-appropriate prompts encourage VIP siblings to express themselves through this fun and colorful journal.