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Parents & Caregivers

Supporting Rare Epilepsy VIP Siblings

Your Family and Rare Epilepsy

All rare epilepsy families face challenges—it’s a reality of living with a rare seizure disorder. You know better than anyone that caring for a child with a rare epilepsy requires considerable energy, time, and flexibility. And that has impact on every member of the family—including your VIP sibling. As helpful and involved as they may be with their brother or sister, VIP siblings have needs and concerns of their own. Sometimes, they feel alone.

Siblings Feel It Too - Unhappiness
of siblings reported being unhappy sometimes or a lot of the time.
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Siblings Feel It Too - Depression
of adult siblings reported a history of treatment for clinical depression.
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Siblings Feel It Too - Anxiety
of young siblings expressed fear that their sibling might die.
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Siblings Feel It Too - Irritability
of young siblings reported feeling irritable or grumpy sometimes or a lot of the time.
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How We Can Help

We’re delighted to offer you these unique resources to inform and encourage your families and your amazing VIP siblings.